Partner With Us

Partner with us.

You can make great money without any personal liability or getting in over your head. We have three different tiers. You can do any of them either with cash or your IRA.

Marketing Partners
Pay for marketing and earn a split of the deals it generates. This is the highest risk for the highest percentage return. You can partner in real estate deals for a few hundred dollars a month.

Sweet Seconds
Know what you’re getting into with small $25,000-$60,000 positions that offer double digit returns. These partnerships facilitate deals and are usually secured by a subsequent deed of trust on the property.

Whole House Partners
If you can finance the purchase and rehabilitation of single family homes, you can make tens of thousands of dollars in a few months. We’ll do all the work and take all the liability.

Note on IRA’s
Our CEO has facilitated the transfer of millions of dollars from traditional IRA investments into oil & gas and real estate partnerships. Contact us to be stepped through the process.

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