About Braveheart Homebuyers

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I am william wallace and I buy houses

Pretty houses, ugly houses, houses involved in divorce, bankruptcy, or foreclosure. Houses with little or no equity, with tenants in place, or vacant houses. The bigger your problem, the more we can help.

I love to sit down with people and offer a way out of a painful situation. Whether of your own making or not, you do not need to suffer.

If your life is perfect and all you want is an offer on a house, that’s fine. Give me a call.

But if things aren't working as planned, if real estate has become a burden, or if you’re having trouble making your payments, please click here right now. I’d be honored to listen to you and do what I can to help.

I want to buy your house. But if all we do is chat over a cup of coffee, I’m okay with that, too.


Tartan - long narrow unprocessed.jpg